Bath Salts & Candles

Yve & Crow's Bath Salts contain the highest quality ingredients we could get our hands on. We chose to use an FCC Food grade Magnesium Sulphate which is a 100% natural Epsom Salt mined from geological underground deposits in Germany & can provide the body with the high quality therapeutic minerals of magnesium & sulphur.

We chose to use Atlantic sea salt in an effort to avoid sourcing any salts from the declining environment of the Dead Sea. A completely unrefined salt, Atlantic sea salt is simply solar evaporated ocean water with no additives. All you beach babes know what that feels like because salt water fixes everything, right?

Pink Himalayan salt has been used for centuries to detox, lower blood pressure & stimulate circulation thanks to the beneficial 84 trace elements & iron that is contained within this humble pink salt. We said yes to bathing info grade pink Himalayan sea salt. Your muscles will say thank you.

Together with speciality blended essential oils, all these ingredients work together to get you in the mood for relaxation.

Do it to relax, recover, & restore. Or just do it because it feels nice & smells fantastic. No need to overthink things, is there?

And please, be your own guru - read over the ingredients & do some research to be sure if they are right for you. Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, epileptic or suffering from any other ailments where essential oils may contradict with your current health plan, it's in your hands to decide what's in the best interest of you.

After all, you are the expert on You. 

Oh, also, there's some lovely beeswax hand rolled candles available here too.