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Intention Blend Roll-On Pack
Yve & Crow

Intention Blend Roll-On Pack

Regular price $49.00 Sale price $60.00

All FOUR Intention Hemp Oil Roll-On’s in a pack. Why, Jade, why? Seems excessive.

Well, you might need the whole Yve & Crow Roll-On collection for a few reasons. Such as...

  • Maybe you want a handbag full of little helpers
  • You don’t know exactly which one to choose 
  • You enjoy collecting things in fours
  • You love to save when you purchase in bulk

Whatever the reason, these roll-on’s have all your nervy easing & olfactory pleasing desires covered. They also act as a great little perfume or deodorant if you happen to find yourself at work remembering you forgot to put the underarm smellies on. Oops! Happens to me a lot. 

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