Soap Subs Start Here

A little while ago, a very special idea sprang forth from Jade's little noggin to provide you all with a delicious Monthly Soap Subscription deal. The plan was to have them delivered to your door every month forever & ever but the programming didn't work out. But never fear, because there's a back up plan!

For now, the offer available is a Two Month Subscription, delivered once a month for two months straight to your door. Basically you pay for two Soap Subscriptions & one lot of shipping upfront but leave the second lot shipping to us.

Plus, in any Soap Subscription pack, you'll receive a free mini guest soap as a thank you for allowing Yve & Crow soaps to get up close & personal with you in your shower. Bit too intimate? Don't overthink it.

It might sound confusing to start with but really it's mad easy. You'll save yourself one lot of shipping & you don't even have to think about the logistics of getting down with some well deserved Me Time in the shower. Well, for two months you don't, anyway.

It's all about you, so you get to choose what bars you like by simply leaving a note in the 'Add a note to your order' section in the shopping cart, or if surprises are more your jam, let us choose for you.

By subscribing to a Two Month Subscription you pay less in the end, receive a free guest soap & get your Yve & Crow luxury soaps delivered straight to your door, meaning that you can stay in your pjs longer & continue reading the book you just can't tear yourself away from. Aaah, online shopping deals. Convenient.

Subscriptions are sent out on the 1st of each month.