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Kingsville True

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My husband & his brother have a coffee shop in Yarraville. The cafe is an old butcher shop in Roberts Street that they reno’d with some childhood friends.

 The shop is considered to be a part of Yarraville now but at some point it was actually part of the suburb Kingsville, something only the old locals remember.

There’s something a little cool about the Kingsville community. From the very first day this coffee shop & eatery was open, the locals were on board. The turnout & support from people in the area was strong early on & it’s been loyal ever since.

This year is the seventh year of running Butcher 128 & as with many businesses in Australia, & particularly Melbourne, 2020 has been, well... Really. F’ing. Trying. 

But even through months of Covid challenges, Butcher 128 customers keep coming out & supporting them by playing along in the longest ever game of takeaway coffee & food. Because they’re awesome.

They are a friendly community of true Kingsville folk. Tough, resilient, fun, & just slightly obsessed with good coffee.

As a bit of a homage, Butcher 128, together with Yve & Crow, decided to marry up some Symmetry coffee with an activated charcoal & cocoa butter soap to bring you a coffee scrub soap.

We decided to christen it Kingsville True.

It’s full of brewed coffee & fine grounds to exfoliate roughed up skin, & scented with cajeput & lime essential oils is a great deodoriser to use on smelly kitchen hands, keeping you gently germ free. Available online here & at the cafe too! 

Thank you to all the locals for being you - Kingsville true.


Need to know there’s no nasties in your soap? Great, because so do we.

Symmetry Black Mamba Blend Brew, Saponified Oils of Aussie Olive, Organic Unrefined Coconut, Rice Bran, Cocoa Butter, Avocado, & Castor Oils, Essential Oils of Cajeput, Lime, & Lavender, Fine Coffee Ground, Activated Charcoal, Himalayan Pink Salt, & Raw Sugar.

130g approx.

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