Soap Slivers
Soap Slivers
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Soap Slivers

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These are the end bits of soap loaves.

They are ugly, don't hold their smell well (some of them don't even smell at all now) & are a waste of Jade's already limited space. But they are still a stellar piece of soap with the same quality ingredients that your skin is obsessed with.

Soap Slivers come in a bundle of five random slivers for single use so that you can take one away with you on that weekend trip, or to camp, or for when you're visiting your mate's place - you know the one, the mate that uses that insanely harsh chemical liquid soap in her bathroom that has you silently screaming 'I'm melltiiiiing!' whenever you use it.

So be a saint, help Jade make more room in her soap cupboard & buy your pack of handy Soap Slivers today!

These sample bundles don't come with an ingredient list attached but are all made with ingredients that are listed under the individual soaps in the Natural Soap section. They are randomly selected & if you have any questions re ingredients or allergies, please do not hesitate to ask. 

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