About Jade

You might be wondering who this smiling woman resembling a wannabe extra from the McLeod's Daughters set is. For those of you I haven't met, I'm Jade, the person who makes the soap you like, & the lady who can't seem to do anything BUT make soap because she lives for the thrill of creativity these days. Ok, ima stop speaking in the third person now.

Recently I was asked to write a little bit about why I started Yve & Crow. Lots of you know that I started making soap to reduce the toxins & synthetic chemicals in my house that were worsening my Crohn's disease & my 12 year old daughter's asthma. But there's another reason why I still do this, why I hustle out in the soaping room almost every day.

When I started sharing my excitement for natural soap there were things that I began noticing first. My soap didn't give me a headache, & my skin was happier, but for some reason, unexpectedly, I felt so much calmer. 

Looking back, I now know that my creations lacked things that my aging self could no longer tolerate - synthetic fragrances, preservatives etc. But something else was happening for me when using these natural soaps, they simply allowed me to indulge in a few glorious minutes of Me Time in the shower every day. I started pausing in there, stopped thinking about what I had to get done so much.

The essential oils evoked all kinds of nostalgic memories for me & the longer I spent appreciating the scents & art throughout the soap, the more relaxed I felt after getting out of the shower to then get on with my day. 

Living our crazy busy lives, with all sorts of commitments & deadlines, catch ups & exploring our worlds, I feel like I barely ever gave myself permission previously to momentarily slow down & mindfully BE.

We might say that we don't have enough time to reward ourselves with a bit of that.
We say that nothing will get done if we don't do it now, or maybe we don't want to be perceived as lazy. I wonder if it's because sometimes we feel a little bit guilty about being 'selfish'.

I started challenging myself to think about how I could get myself some more of this selfish Me Time. An extra long sniff of essential oils in the shower with my eyes closed. A bath where I concentrate on listening to my breathing for a minute or two. Allowing myself a moment to stare at the garden with a steaming cup of tea. These little things meant I could regroup & be a better person back in the grind. Well, mostly better, I'm only human. I'm still working on my road rage habit of sarcastically congratulating people on their shit driving choices. 

But I digress, turns out it didn't hurt to take a minute or an hour to remember myself again. Everyone else simply coped while I realigned.

So, if all else fails & you forgot to take a minute just for yourself today...no biggie, you can stop & smell some Yve & Crow soap. It really is rather delicious.