2 Bar Subscription
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2 Bar Subscription

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The 2 Bar Subscription (delivered for 2 months only) is for you if...

(CLICK HERE for the ins & outs of what you'll save & what you'll get.)

You can never really decide what you want because you like variety & it's just too damn hard to stick with one soap choice.

You love to indulge in Me Time.

You enjoy knowing that there's a dedicated soap for cleaning your face & another soap for cleaning your bum - a legit worry for us germaphobes.

You hear that the free mini soap that's included in the deal is so hot right now & you want in.

You can't always get to the maker's market to pick up tox-free soap & you like the idea that for 2 months you'll have 2 bars magically show up in your letterbox, saving you time & money. Time & cash management issues? Gone. 


Bars are expected to last approximately 1 - 2 weeks for 1 person if kept dry between use & used once per day.

To inform us of any specific soap choices just click on the 'Add a note to your order' section in the checkout & leave your special instructions (or a love note to Jade). In the unforeseen event that we've sold out of what you requested, you'll be contacted to discuss the option of a refund or selecting a different style of bar. 

Subscriptions are sent out on the 1st of each month.

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