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3 Bar Subscription
Yve & Crow

3 Bar Subscription

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The 3 Bar Subscription (delivered for 2 months only) is for you if...

(CLICK HERE for the ins & outs of what you'll save & what you'll get.)

You're obsessed with all-natural soap & feel like you'd really enjoy the surprise of some Me Time goodies showing up on your doorstep for a couple of months.

You love sharing your soap with others in the shower. Sharing is caring.

You're a hot mess & need some help with organising your soap obsession. Join the club.

You have more than two people in the shower, separately or at the same time. It's cool, we don't judge.

You're into freebies & you snatch up the free mini guest soap included in this deal with gusto!

You like to have a bar of natural soap at the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink & in the shower. Pro Tip - If you're using Yve & Crow soap at your kitchen or bathroom sink, cut the bar in half or into quarters for easier & longer use. But be safe with your knife because safety is sexy.


Bars are expected to last approximately 1 - 2 weeks for 1 person if kept dry between use & used once per day. Heaps longer if used only at the bathroom or kitchen sinks, though.

To inform us of any specific soap choices just click on the 'Add a note to your order' section in the checkout & leave your special instructions (or a love note to Jade). In the unforeseen event that we've sold out of what you requested, you'll be contacted to discuss the option of a refund or selecting a different style of bar. 

Subscriptions are sent out on the 1st of each month. 





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