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Fab Hair? Oh, Yeah!
Yve & Crow

Fab Hair? Oh, Yeah!

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Here’s what you need for fabulous locks.

Step 1. Wash hair with the Crazy Coconut Shampoo Bar. Enjoy throwing away your plastic shampoo & conditioner bottles. You don’t need them anymore. Look at you! So sustainable.

Step 2. Rinse hair well & bathe your luscious locks in a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse with 2 drops of Yve & Crow Rosemary Essential Oil. Rinse & dry. 

Step 3. Enjoy two Guest Soaps on the house when you buy a ‘Fab Hair? Oh, Yeah!’ pack. Use one at the bathroom sink & one at the kitchen sink, like we do. Lovely moisturised hands for when you do all that covid hand washing.

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