Go Gently
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Go Gently

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Craving a tender touch in the shower? Then Go Gently is your new best friend.

Rich in chamomile tea & chamomile-infused olive oil, this soap will lovingly caress all of your skin. Go Gently has just enough lavender essential oil to keep the chamomile scent in the game & this new BFF will evoke a sense of relaxation & calm. Perfect for your precious face & body.

Go on, take in a few deep breaths & let go of the day, or share it with baby to keep their gorgeous skin cleansed & free of chemicals.


Need to know there’s no nasties in your soap? Great, because so do we.

Ingredients - Chamomile Tea, Saponified Oils of Chamomile-Infused Olive, Organic Unrefined Coconut, Rice Bran, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, & Avocado Oil, Essential Oils of Lavender & Lavandin, Organic Chamomile Flowers, Zinc Oxide, Himalayan Pink Salt, & Raw Sugar.

130g approx.

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