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Jade's Big Spring Box
Jade's Big Spring Box
Yve & Crow

Jade's Big Spring Box

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Oh, Spring! Thank the goddesses you have finally arrived.

Aaaah, Spring. A sweet, rich haven for pollen-affected boosts in coronavirus testing.

Spring. Yay! Here we see the end of a relentless winter, made all the more cumbersome & dreary because of a global pandemic & a Melbourne lockdown sequel that threw us all for a loopdy loop.

My winter was loooong but full of the usual rewards of going within & figuring out what lessons needed to be unlocked before leaping forth into the next cycle. It was rough, I'm not gonna lie. You know what I mean. This Melbourne winter was real & raw & rough, my friends.

But alas! Now that Spring has sprung, I shall soak in the bath & I shall wish winter adieu. I will diffuse essential oils & burn the negativity away. I will light a candle & set an intention for Spring. I shall eat more chips & more fruit & find the balance that only the clarity of sunny days can bring.

Should you feel the need to rid yourself of such a winter too, I've put together some smelly goodies in a pack to share with you all. It's called Jade's Big Spring Box! and it's an innocently named offering of all things lovely that you can either use alongside your regular bathing ritual, or to welcome in this new chapter, or just bloody use them any way you see fit.

What's in it?
* 2 x Surprise Soaps
* 1 x 300g Bath Salts of your choice (choose in the drop down box)
* 1 x Beeswax Rolled Candle
* 1 x Intention Blend Roll-On of your choice (choose in the drop down box)
* 1 x 5ml Essential Oil Blend - SOS or Molly (once again, choose in the drop down box)

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