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Jade's Big Autumn Box
Jade's Big Autumn Box
Jade's Big Autumn Box
Yve & Crow

Jade's Big Autumn Box

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Autumn. Time to load up on our Vitamin D before the sun fades away. A time to watch the leaves turn all shades of beautiful around us & infuse ourselves with good times before the cold season arrives.

Because every Autumn sees us desperately saving up every last drop of energy to get us through the upcoming Melbourne winter, Jade's Big Autumn Box will help remind you to take some time for yourself. With all those COVID normal restaurant dinners, seeing plays & rocking out at socially distanced live music events, you're gonna need it. 

Packed with bathing paraphernalia, aromatherapy aids & a very essential Hemp Lip Balm, this Yve & Crow box will see to it that relaxation is always close at hand. 

You like baths? This box is for you. You like seeing in the dark? This box is for you.

What's in it?

* 1 x 200ml Molly scented soy & beeswax candle 

* 2 x Surprise Random Soaps

* 1 x 100g Bath Salts of your choice (choose in the drop down box)

* 1 x 10ml Essential Oil of your choice (choose in the drop down box)

* 1 x  Hemp Lip Balm  

* 1 x Small Dome Soap 

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