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Lilith’s Garden
Yve & Crow

Lilith’s Garden

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Lilith sat in the garden she shared with her husband. She asked him many questions. Like why he always had to have the final say in whatever plants they planted, & why they only ever grew vegetables - never any tempting luscious fruits. She demanded to know why HE always got to decide what she should wear, how she should behave, or what she was allowed to do around their garden.

Her husband looked up from the wood he was carving, his muscles tightening beneath a loin cloth that he had fashioned from vines & dull brown wool. He blinked.    

‘Because I am the husband. I am the man. That is why,’ he replied.

‘I see,’ said Lilith. ‘Well, whilst those facts are correct, & you are indeed a man & my husband, I believe that a woman should be equal to a man. I do not wish to live in a garden that doesn’t bloom with beautiful colours or rich, juicy apples. I prefer to have an equal say in what we plant & what we wear. It would make me very happy. And I think you might even enjoy a wife who didn’t have to be beneath you at all times,’ Lilith winked.

Her husband smiled, put down his cloth & patted her on the head. ‘There, there. In time, you’ll see that I know best. When the brussel sprouts are ready to harvest, you shall cook them for me. And when you wash my woollens, & bare my children, then you will see that your place in the garden is actually a wonderful privilege & you’ll soon come to enjoy listening to me because I will always know what’s right.’ He laughed softly as he returned to his work, shaking his head a little.

‘F*ck that,’ Lilith said.

She turned on her heels & packed up her twigs & woollen coverings, & left that garden pronto.

A season later she stands in a new garden now. Roses, fruits, & medicinal herbs surround her. She wears bright feathers in her hair & dyes her wool coverings with plant extracts. Most days she doesn’t even bother to wear her woollens at all.

Lilith is a mismatched woman with her own lady garden on display. She exudes a confidence that strong suitors say a ‘hell yes!’ to. She tends to her flowers whenever she likes, in whatever she wants to wear, & in whatever position she sees fit. And she never looks back.

This soap is dedicated to all the women who allow themselves to be who they want to be. Sometimes that might resemble a colour-clashing hot mess - maybe a bit like if Helena Bonham Carter dressed herself after a bender.

And that, my friends, is perfect.




Need to know there’s no nasties in your soap? Great, because so do we.

Ingredients - Saponified Oils of Dandelion Root-Infused Australian Olive, Organic Unrefined Coconut, Rice Bran Oil, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil & Castor Oil, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Lavender, & Lemongrass, Red French Clay, Green French Clay, Saffron Root Powder, Organic Botanicals of Rose, Calendula, Cornflowers, & Lavender, Himalayan Pink Salt, & Raw Sugar.

130g approx.





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