Basic Lip Balm
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Basic Lip Balm

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Lips are meant for yapping, kissing & grabbing onto tasty morsels of food. You need those lips in top notch shape to do all they do for you & if you don't like weird toxins in your gob then these natural lip balms are for you.

Made with only organic olive oil & beeswax, these balms have just enough slip to gloss you up nice & all the nourishing goodness to heal & maintain that lush pout. 

You can smile easy knowing there's no preservatives or nasties in these, hence it's a good idea to abide by the best before date & try not to drop it in a puddle of water.

Grab yourself a second balm & keep it in the fridge to last longer as it's a handy balm to use on insect bites, rashes, burns or extra dry skin. 

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