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Trio of Soaps
Yve & Crow

Trio of Soaps

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When deciding what to call this three pack of soap, it was put to an Instagram poll.

One voter made the suggestion of a 'Ménage à Troi' which Jade thought was a little bit saucy, then someone put forward a 'Beautifully Scented Hat Trick' which was flattering but slightly too lengthly. So Jade got in on it with her less than lady-like mind & offered up some filth such as 'Three Times the Fun' or quite simply 'The Threesome', but in the end, the decision on what to call our newest addition to the Gift Pack range fell to ‘Trio of Soaps.’ 

It's nice, it's precise, but most of all, it means that Jade didn't offend anyone. This time. 

The pack comes with a random selection of three of the most popular Yve & Crow soaps bundled up in a funky compostable gift bag (when the tin tie is cut off). Noice!

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