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Would You Like More Soap With That?
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Would You Like More Soap With That?

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Would You Like More Soap With That?

Sometimes you just feel like a value deal. A deal where you can say to yourself or your significant other 'Hey! I just saved you some cash by buying this deal.' 

But you might have some questions about this deal, right? I'll try to answer them here.

What exactly is this deal, Jade?

Have you tried some Yve & Crow soap and fallen in love with one particular style? Do you wish you had a cupboard full of soap that you could smash through at your own binge-worthy pace? Much like how you watched the final season of Breaking Bad? Consider your desires answered! Well, this here clean desire, anyway. What you'll get;

  • 9 regular sized bars, all in the same style (Green Goddess, Black Mamba etc)
  • 2 dome shaped soaps (approx 40g each)
  • 3 square guest soaps (approx 25g each)
  • 2 baby guest soaps (approx 20g each)
  • 2 slivers 

Alright, I'm 57% interested. But how does it work? Doesn't it take you 6 weeks to make and cure soap? 

Yes! Man, I feel special when you know a bit about what I do. It does take around 6 weeks to make and cure soap. These packs will be made to order, so once you place your order and pay, I'll get cracking on it ASAP and send you an email of when I've made and cut them. Then every two weeks I'll send you a countdown email and a cute little pic of your curing soaps who will be waiting patiently for you to welcome them into their new home. It's a little bit like when you adopted your pet puppy and you had to wait til he was old enough to leave his mum. Well, sort of. Sorry, I don't have anecdotes for everything. 

Hmmm, OK. Now I'm about 84% keen. How much are you gonna charge me?

For 9 full bars of soap plus all the extra bits (a delicious smelling pack of 18 pieces all up) this deal will only cost you $64, saving you $26. The 9 full sized bars will come labelled as usual so that if you find yourself wanting to gift a couple, you can! 

At 92% now. Can you throw in anything else?

Gee, you drive a hard bargain but I like your style so I'll also throw in 50% off shipping*. It will automatically give you the discount in your cart.

Hang on, what if I like to pick up my order from you?

Then I'll happily throw in another random dome soap when you pop over. 

Do I really have to wait that long?

Yeah, sorry. It's all handmade from scratch. Artisan, custom made, just for you, because good things and great deals are worth waiting for, they say. Or maybe it's just my mum who says that. 

What if I don't want the pack to be in all the same soap style? Can I choose a few different styles of soap? 

No, sorry. The reason I can do this at such a discount is that I'm only making one style, especially for you, all at the one time.  

Sounds good, I do like the idea of not running out of soap for awhile. Run me through it again?

You pay $64 for the Would You Like More Soap With That? pack (that's a saving of $26 there). Plus you get the saving of it being delivered to you at half priced shipping - delivered in 6 weeks time, from the date of order. 

Sweet! 100% I'm in. 

Yay! I totally just did a happy dance. Thank you for your support. I really do love what I do and I love that you're spoiling yourself with some Me-Time soap and saving money, too. Promise it'll be worth the wait.

*As the Would You Like More Soap With That? pack will be shipped on it's own in 6 weeks time, the 50% off shipping is exclusive only to this product. This discounted pack doesn't count towards the $99+ Free Shipping deal that's on now, sorry. You wouldn't want to wait 6 weeks for any extra goodies you picked up, would you? Nah.  

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